- All inclusive planning from tiny details to broad logistics.

-Unlimited help and guidance.

- Peace of mind knowing you are getting fair deals and the best services.

- The wedding of your dreams.


-Help narrowing your focus.

-Together we will create a consistent and stylish event design

-Can create decor, invitations, ceremony papers,

and overall thematic style.


-A deep dive into the production and execution of your wedding day

-I will see to it that all the tiny details are set in motion

-Enjoy your wedding day knowing that your vision has been executed and you get to sit back and sip some bubbly.


-From birthday parties to anniversary 

parties, I do it all.

-Bachelorette parties, baby showers, and bridal showers.

-All you and your guests have to do is show up.


-Help formulating a unique and special plan

-Provide on site support and execution.

-Photograph the momentous occasion!