I Live for the applause

Ben and Laura

Heidi thought of every last detail. On top of that she responded to every panicked call and text, immediately reassuring me that everything was going to be fine. In the end she created the most perfect wedding for us. It reflected us perfectly, but it would never have happened without Heidi.

Nick and Jessica

This girl rocks! She is one of my dearest friends who bent over backward behind the scenes to make everything during my wedding run smoothly. From attending set up meetings with vendors, directly communicating with venue staff, decorating with the bridal party and helping with clean up. She even went with me to buy a wedding dress from Facebook marketplace- because that can be kind of sketchy! 

Megan and Jeff 10.19.18

 She's a quick, creative thinker and problem solver, who listens and goes with the flow, but who is also always ready to offer an opinion, bounce around an idea or provide direction when asked. We had zero worries, headaches or even questions to field with Heidi running the ship as her dedication to not only us but to all of our family and friends in attendance made our wedding a true celebration for everyone. Bottom line, Heidi's fantastic and, thanks to her, our wedding was, too!

Katie and Eric 09.15.17

Did an amazing job from small details to the big picture planning. VERY helpful and super nice!!!

Sam and Heidi

While I very well can't review myself, I will say, my own wedding is one of my crowning achievements. I planned everything myself but I did have a day of coordinator who was irreplaceable.