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I'm Heidi Johnson-Coy and this is my company. That's me on my wedding day in 2019. On that day several things became quite clear to me. 1- I am so loved by everyone who showed up that day. And 2- planning weddings was officially the way I wanted to spend my life. Charles Bukowski said, "Find what you love and let it kill you". I plan to make wedding and event planning that thing.

I graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in film and digital media. I actually discovered my love for event planning with in the film school. While most other students were clamoring to be the director of their own projects, I was often slotted into the position of Producer. The job of the producer is to wrangle people, paperwork, time schedules, equipment, special permits and make sure everyone gets fed. Not only am I good at those tasks, but I found that I loved coordinating the chaos. And if you have ever worked with a large group of artsy college kids then you know what pure chaos is.

In 2017 I joined the company “The Man Registry” which is an online retailer that mainly focuses on groomsmen gifts and wedding blogs. I am head of customer care and also a blogger, you can find several articles I have written on the website. The wedding industry has been my passion for years and now I am beginning to spread my wings. 

I live in South Kansas City with my wonderful husband, Sam, and our 2 spoiled cats.